Why build a Facebook App?


Today while browsing through my fb account, I wonder how powerful and important facebook has become to all of us. It is like Gmail or a Cell Phone that we can’t live without. 2 years ago when fb was becoming increasingly popular, I was smiling on my own and never wanted to believe a social networking site would become so famous. But its true, with continuous innovation and correct use of Web 2.0, fb has proved me and many others like me completely wrong. Anyways, this post isnt about fb’s innovation but about building rich applications for fb.Recently Google took a new initiative to attract developers to build applications for their open social ID platform, that rang many bells and whistles in the developer community. But I still strongly believe in creating applications for facebook rather than any social networking platform. If you are looking to build a cool app that will help your business, then certainly you need to target larger audience. With 60 million users and counting FB leads the way by miles when compared with any other social networking site. If I assume only 10% of its users to be active and rest all casual facebookers, there are still 6 million people to target. Whats more is with continuous innovation and the companies it partnered with (Microsoft, Amazon etc), facebook is here to stay for a long time. Look here for more statistics from wikipedia and fb’s statistics page:

  • Over 60 million users
  • Over65 billion pageviews per month
  • More than 200,000 new registrations per day
  • Largely targeted US audience
  • More no. of applications than any other.

What’s more is if you really make something (an app) useful on facebook, you will find people using it. Its like selling on ebay where everything gets sold!

So, stop wasting time on building applications for open social and concentrate on facebook if you want success.

Here’s a tip: Hire people to use your application in the beginning to jump start your marketing campaign.

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