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Pligg – Joomla Integration Project

pligg joomla After my endless search for Pligg’s integration with Joomla, I have decided to work on it myself. For the simplicity of this project, I have very basic requirements. Later on, I plan to take this integration to the next level.


– Pligg included in Joomla CMS using Wrapper Module
– Common user login interface for Pligg + Joomla + Community Builder (CB)
– Common user registration system for Pligg + Joomla + Community Builder

I am assuming this project will take about one month to complete. If you have any ideas, you are most welcome to contribute.

I will update this post once I have updates for all.

Update: Project is now in Beta and can be downloaded from here: JPligger – Joomla and Pligg Integration

Pligg – Search Sidebar

Here is an example how you can add search box in sidebar. Demo

Download the file here: Pligg – Search Sidebar


  • Create a backup of sidebar.tpl before proceeding
  • Refer the attached file. To be used at your own risk.
  • Create a new file and name it search.tpl in /template/<yourtemplate>/sidebar_modules/
  • Copy the code into search.tpl
  • Save the file.
  • Open and edit sidebar.tpl file found in /template/<yourtemplate>/
  • Append the code where ever you want the search box to appear in sidebar.
  • Thats it. Visit your website to see the search box right in your sidebox.