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Outsourcing the outsourced

They have done it. I have done it. You may have done it. Outsourcing the outsourced projects are very common these days. Companies outsourcing their projects to 3rd parties and the 3rd parties outsourcing to 4th parties and 4th parties outsourcing to 5th parties and on and on… I hope there is a stop to this.

To me outsourcing gives a great value and peace of mind. Many times I work on projects that involve intensive testing or creative designing. Things that I don’t wanna do or don’t have required expertise, I find it easy to forward them to my trusted 3rd party developers. This way I will 1. not loose the client, 2. make little money, 3. secure the client for maintenance and hosting (if applicable), 4. referrals, 5. future projects, 6. portfolio etc. On the other hand theres little bit of headache too: 1. monitor the progress with outsourced company, 2. meeting deadlines, 3. communication difficulties (if), 4. contracts etc.

Overall I feel very comfortable with outsourcing the outsourced. But if you haven’t really did this and would like to, here’s what you need to take into account:

1. Contract; its important to make sure the company/consultant you are hiring doesn’t directly get in touch with your main client. 2. Non-disclosure agreement; just like (if) you signed a non-disclosure agreement, make sure to get it done by the 3rd party too. 3. Copyrights; get the copyrights done on your company or the main client’s name. 4. Partnership; try to build a partnership with the company and gain trust. One of my client outsources all his ecommerce projects to me, and I go an extra mile to provide him what his clients need all the time. We both trust each other and many times I work without any agreement or advance payment (don’t try this at home) .