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Mod: Fireboard Latest Posts based on Searched Keywords

This mod was only tested on Joomla 1.5.

Description: Displays latest posts based on provided keywords in the backend. See screenshots to get an idea.

Version: 1.0 Beta

Detail Desription: Well, this module lets you search through your fireboard forum based on couple of keywords and display the results in a nice, cleaner module format. You can create unlimited content items right off with your forum posts. Its highly configurable and easy to install.

Installation: Just like any other module. If you need help, ping me or add a comment.

Download Now: Fireboard Keywords Posts Module

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Pligg – Joomla Integration Project

pligg joomla After my endless search for Pligg’s integration with Joomla, I have decided to work on it myself. For the simplicity of this project, I have very basic requirements. Later on, I plan to take this integration to the next level.


– Pligg included in Joomla CMS using Wrapper Module
– Common user login interface for Pligg + Joomla + Community Builder (CB)
– Common user registration system for Pligg + Joomla + Community Builder

I am assuming this project will take about one month to complete. If you have any ideas, you are most welcome to contribute.

I will update this post once I have updates for all.

Update: Project is now in Beta and can be downloaded from here: JPligger – Joomla and Pligg Integration

Joomla site menu translation

While working on one of my client’s website, I was required to create various translations not for the content but just the menu items. At first, I was suspicious if one can easily do that, but at the end it turned out pretty easy. A well know component for language translations Joomfish was the real hero. It was pretty easy, after installing the component and required language files from Joomla Repository, I went ahead creating translations for just the menu items leaving the content as it is. I later enabled the ‘language selector’ module that came with Joomfish and poof! The new languages for menu items were ready to go!