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Joomla Custom Form

Ever thought about building a simple app in your Joomla website to allow certain calculation or a simple contact us form or a complex application form? I worked on a school website a year ago on Joomla and the other day I got a call from the client for a web based application form for the school. To keep things in short, these were the requirements of the project:

  1. Online application form embedded in site with current design and style
  2. Process required fields and reduce spam
  3. Email results to site admin and CC a copy to applicant
  4. Store Results in database and be able to export in excel sheet

With all the requirements in mind, I started researching on available Joomla components and also ways of getting it done manually (without any extensions). I ended up testing almost every Form Component and thought it would make some sense to put a report on vaked! So here it is, a short report on all the major Form Components for Joomla. BTW, I went with ChronoForms for this project.