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Need for a better Drupal Review Module

I am a Joomla lover. Been working a lot on Joomla and really love it. Although it may not be as flexible as Drupal (in terms of coding/programming,as I heard) but it surely is a winner when it comes to no. of quality themes, components, and modules, the community provides.

Today, I was trying to work on one of my personal Drupal project with a user based review engine. Like I do with Joomla projects, I started searching for Review Modules for Drupal. Will, I did find some of them but they are all very basic and nothing in comparison to what Joomla’s review components such as JReviews, xtdratings, etc has to offer. Ok, I understand that these Joomla components arent Free but common, I was expecting a lot from Drupal. I found some simple modules and some very simple modules. I am not sure how happy I will be using them but I know they doesn’t have the necessary features I am looking for, yet. Anyways, I just started working with Drupal so I suppose it would take considerable time for me to get to know the software properly before proceeding. But as said earlier, better be commercial but there is need for a better Drupal Review Module.

PS: You can checkout NodeReview and UserReview Modules for Drupal.