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AWS CSA Associate – How I prepared

I’ve been working on AWS for quite sometime and figured I might as well get certified. My goal is to get AWS CSA Professional Certification but since the Associate exam is the prerequisite, I started preparing for it first.

Happy to report, I was able to pass the the AWS CSA Associate exam last week with 90% score. While preparing for the exam I ran into couple of blog posts on how to prepare and what to expect for the exam. This is my brief take on it.

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Notes

While preparing for the AWS CSA Associate exam, I’ve put together few draft notes to help me revise on-going bases.


  • IAM is global
  • root account has admin access
  • by default new users have no permissions
    • access key id and secret access keys are only used for api access and not for console login
  • permissions are by granted by policies
    • administrator access to make someone an admin
    • effect: allow, deny
  • Role allows resources in aws to access other resources. Ex: EC2 can access S3.
    • Role types: Service Roles, Cross account access and Identity provider access

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