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Sitecore CMS: Quick overview

So I am working on this project that involves heavy sitecore work and I thought of writing few words on it.

For those who don’t know, Sitecore is an Enterprise CMS majorly used by mid size to large enterprises. There are many features that Sitecore offers, and it’s CMS architecture has a lot to talk about. The CMS has 3 tiers. Presentation, business and data layers. You know you can read a lot about the cms at their website www.sitecore.net, but to give you a very brief overview, sitecore puts presentation from content. It’s built on the proven MVP design pattern and utilizes heavy pipeline patterns. It’s ability to integrate with compainy’s lightweight directory for business users and an extranet module for outside visitors makes it ideal for large enterprises.
It also has a module that will help you publish content in an web farm environment. The staging module can be used to publish large media files where databases are not an ideal solution. All in all, a very smart and easy to use/adapt CMS for enterprises.

Well known companies using sitecore: Pepsi Co., Mc Kinsey, National Geographic, Universal Pictures, PJM Interconnections, Deloitte, Accenture, Microsoft, etc.