I mean it. Many times we hear people talking about essence of Sleep in our lives and how important it is to take night time sleep. But its something that you can’t apply in Freelancing world. Freelancers like me spend more than 16 hours a day working, troubleshooting, responding to emails, and what not, 4 hours go in little social and daily life and the remaining 4 hours to sleep if we are lucky.

But again,  it has its own benefits. A good freelance blog at freelanceswitch lists hundreds of advantages in freelancing (I don’t agree to most though). One of fellow freelancer Hussain quoted “sleeping is something I can only dream about”. He spends more than 18 hours working!

Things can get messy too. Confusion, aggression, depression, stupidity are common symptoms.

My Advice: Sleep at least 6 hours a day, drink a lot of water and eat whole fruits. Organize your time, create checklists, and learn to close your store at least 10 hours a day.

Do I follow what I just said? No.

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