The right chair gets the job done!

I’ve been using this one chair since years until last week when it started making this weird noise whenever I move. I started to wonder if I became too fat or its just the chair. I made up my mind to think its the chair and decided to get a new one. So I went to office depot and got a nice not so expensive and not so cheap office chair.

Although I loved using the new chair I always felt something incomplete about it. I thought may be I got used to the old one little too much or I am really becoming fat. I used it for a week and I noticed few things. I wasn’t spending as much time as I use to earlier on the desk. I was coming up with reasons to go to starbucks to work.  I was less productive. It’s then I realize that my freaken economical chair isn’t working for me. I took the pain of disassembling the chair and returned it to get a new one. This time I had to up my budget and get a little expensive one out there. Its been just a day since I started using this one, but I really like it.

So, the moral of the story is: Get the right chair if you are serious about working from home. This is the reason why most companies spend millions of dollars on getting best in quality products for their offices. If are on the right chair, you will get the job done!

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