Naming your website: What’s in a name?

Seriously, I began to wonder, how many startups are now coming up with stupid names that don’t make sense? The answer is almost all. Earlier, naming your company/website was supposed to the most important tasks. The name was supposed to reflect the service you do or the products you sell. While its still the case, but startups are now finding cute, cuddly names more attractive and responsive. Twitter, zoho, hulu, zivity, twine, drobo, smibs, orkut, wallop and many more. This clearly means that name isn’t that important these days. Whats more important is the service/product you provide. Of course that doesnt mean you will name your company achmadinijad

One thought on “Naming your website: What’s in a name?

  1. Peter Urban

    If you think of it, it hasn’t been much different in the past. I don’t think many people know that IBM stood for International Business Machines or SAP for Software and application programming. Smibs stands for SMart Internet Business Solutions but who cares, I think it’s a cool name, it’s brandable and easy to remember – that’s all we need.

    Thanks for the post 🙂

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