myView: iPhone will remain favorite among developers

Apple has been really mean to a lot of app developers. You can read about it here, here and here. But even then the bottom line will remain same; App developers will continue to worship iPhone with their lousy spent million dollar apps.

Although there are new app stores coming into the market from Nokia, Microsoft, Android (yeah, this ones quite old. I know), etc. the Apple App Store will remain the develooopa favoritiz. There are some good reasons to make a note of:

  • Apple will make sure iPhone stays consumer favorite. They’ve done it with Mac, iPod and iPhone is already super hot
  • Growth of iPhone will continue to prosper. Soon, Verizon will join the party. I can see things getting really big for iPhone
  • Developing for Nokie’s ovi will be a challenge for developers as there will be n-number of devices from Nokia… supporting each will be difficult
  • Microsoft will try and never find success with WM7. Microsoft has never been good with mobile. Stupid people.
  • Developing for Apple doesn’t require anything. Seriously, no money, no idea, no programming knowledge (ok, little bit), no purchasing costly IDEs)

So the bottom line still remains the same. App store dogs will continue to serve the master.
Hey, I’m one among them 😉

About myView: myViews are totally my point of view of things I see in the industry. Could be a good analysis or just stupidity.

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