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In my recent project with a client. I was involved in integrating Pligg with his existing website. The project mainly involved design and user login integration. Throughout the website there were many hick-ups and I got to learn a lot about Pligg. One of the tasks was to move the site from development server to live server. I thought this may will help a newbie to learn how to migrate or move a Pligg website.

  • Create a backup. Yes, its very important to create a backup no matter what you do. If you are using cpanel then go to Backups > New backup > Full backup (files and database)
  • Using an FTP client, download all the files from your root folder (public_html). This step is not required if you’re moving the site from localhost to live server.
  • Using Phpmyadmin or equivalent software, export the database tables. This step is required even if the database is on localhost.
  • Upload all the downloaded files to the new server. Either in root folder or sub-folder.
  • Create the database and user. In cpanel, go to Databases > New Database and similarly create new user and map user to the database.
  • Now open lib/dbconnect.php file in your favorite text editor (editplus, dreamweaver etc) and change the database connection strings as per your new database.
  • CHMOD /cache and /template_c folders to 777.
  • Edit your site name in /config.php
  • Also, login to Pligg Administration, go to Configuration > Location >Update site url.

Thats it, visit your site and you should see it as it is. Test your site fully before launching or marketing it. If you land into any trouble do comment here and will try to help you out.

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