Money or Fame?

What’s more important to you? Money or Fame?

Well, as long as both co-exists, theres no problem. But what is that we should look for when starting a business? No matter what business you start, you need to hit the fame part of your business first.

My old boring story: At first I used to think about making money… quick.. real freaking quick, but just like all others, I feel in traps of things that I can’t do, and never made a penny, infact I lost most of wealth. I tried being a sales guy for an impossible selling product, I tried to be a cheater at Google Adsense, I bought stupid ebooks that say “Stupid people like you and me can make money sitting at home doing nothing!”.. well, If only I read some books on motivation, business ethics and philosophy, I would have never invested my time and money.

What am I talking about?: What I have learned is something we all know but never applied. Theres no way to earn money without an idea, seriousness and zeal towards being successful. I only wished I could spend all the time I lost in building something valuable. Something that would build a brand, that would be recognized among few.

But hey!: It ain’t over yet! It ain’t over neither for me nor for you! Its time to apply some basics and learn how to build a right empire. I am starting to offer exceptional service at low costs for my clients and provide excellent support to all my services. This will help me build good and quality clients which will trust me and my work. Once I gain their trust I can be referred to their friends and be networked. Thats all is needed. So, if you happen to be stuck like me, come up with a plan, lower your service rates, increase your quality and see how things will change.

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