Meeting a client

For the first time, I would be visiting a client, one hour drive from my place, to understand his requirements and propose a solution. I am a little nervous at the same time excited to learn from this visit. Surely, this will be awesome experience. Until now, I have never been to any of my client’s office to discuss the project. I have only done business online and mostly with clients who stay far away from my city. In fact until now, I hardly considered talking on them phone. Only emails. But as I know, things need to change, I need to go out and win trust in order to get better and happier clients. So how do I prepare myself for the visit? Here it goes…

  • My car: I want to make a good impression on the client with my car. So I decided to leave my old car at home and get on with a rental from enterprise. A nicer mid-size sedan would help me establish my image.
  • My hair: A went to a salon the other day to get a little professional hair style which will show I am a serious dude.
  • Client Research: Yup, I read almost everything about my client that I could find on the web. From his business to his talks etc etc. At least, I wont just be quite when he will introduce me to his business. I will have something to say and acknowledge.
  • My dressing: No more hoodies and jeans. I am going to buy a set of formals and a new shoes for this meet. I want to show my professionalism and seriousness.
  • Proposed Solutions: I am also working on some solution models for my client. Based on his requirements, I would be able to alter them and present right on. This will help me confirm if I understood everything he is looking for.

Next up is the trip. I will update this post once I am done with the trip.

Update: Go here to view the post on my trip.

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