It’s all about staying connected.

logmein-ignition-iphoneLogMeIn provides easy access to your computers (with static or dynamic IP) from any other computer using nothing but just a web browser (of course, internet too). I’ve been using LogMeIn’s  free service for a while now and I really enjoy it. Especially when I am at work and need to quickly access my PC either to grab some songs or files, I find this tool really handy. I know there are other services out there but I am so happy with LogMeIn that I never felt a need to try something else.

Recently, LogMeIn came up with an ignition/app for iPhone/iPod that will allow you to do the same as with a computer. It’s currently priced $30 (probably the most expensive app on the AppStore) and its totally worth every penny. If you are a freelancer living a nomad life and own an iPhone or iPod, then I strongly recommend going for this app.

Before I end this quick review, the connection speed when using on WiFi is obviously faster than 3G. But it wont disappoint you. Unless you are living in some deserted area with bad 3G reception. I haven’t had a chance to try it on 2G iPhone.

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