JPligger – Joomla & Pligg Integration Mambot

Current Version: 1.0 Beta

License: GPL

Description: This mambot will sync Joomla and Pligg login with ease.

Tested on: Joomla 1.0.13; CB 1.1; Pligg 9.8.2

Looking for JPligger for Joomla 1.5 and Pligg 9.9? See here.
Note : CB is not required for this mambot to work

Detail Description: This mambot will allow you to run Pligg inside Joomla using Wrapper. It will sync user registration, login and forgot password between Joomla, CB and Pligg.

Support: Community Driven and If I find time.

Ideal Installation:

  • Use at your own risk! Backup first or use in test environment first.
  • Install Joomla in root folder
  • Install Pligg in /
  • Note DB settings of Pligg
  • Install JPligger Mambot in Joomla
  • Visit its settings (In admin > Mambots > JPligger)
  • Provide details of Pligg DB
  • Publish and Save
  • Hide Registration through Pligg. Instructions here: hide-pligg-registration.txt

Optional Information: Pligg inside Joomla wrapper

  • Link your Pligg in Joomla wrapper
  • Use on / in Wrapper Link Field
  • Set width and height to 100%, no scrollbar, yes to auto height.
  • Remove Pligg Header. Edit //templates//header.tpl (Remove as much as you can. Trail and Error)
  • Remove Pligg Footer. Edit //templates//footer.tpl (Remove as much as you can. Trail and Error)
  • Remove unwanted Siderbar modules. Edit //templates//sidebar.tpl (Remove Login/Registration Module and others as much as you can. Trail and Error)
  • Fit Pligg into wrapper:
    Edit CSS file of your Pligg template
    Find Contentbox and edit its width, find Sidebox and edit its width, find Wrap and edit its width
    Note: Depending on your joomla template width, set wrap width to max. Then split the max width between Contentbox and Sidebox. Also remember that there is padding in between so take that into account as well.
  • Thats all you need but if you want to dig down and integrate fully, there are more things that can be done.

Download JPligger Mambot

Download JPligger Plugin for Joomla 1.5 and Pligg 9.9 here.

28 thoughts on “JPligger – Joomla & Pligg Integration Mambot

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  3. grawat

    I tried installing this on joomla 1.5 with Legacy enabled but I got this error “Direct Access to this location is not allowed.” and I wasn’t able to access the entire joomla site. Is there a way to make this work with joomla 1.5 ?

  4. grawat

    When I changed the order to 3 I didn’t get the error but then I don’t know if the plugin was working. As I registered in joomla and wasn’t able to login with the same account in pligg. And when I changed the order back to 0 I got the same error “Direct Access to this location is not allowed.”

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  7. boxed Post author


    As of now, this mambot doesnt support Joomla 1.5. I am coming up an upgrade soon.

  8. Scotto

    Thanks for your efforts to combine my two favorite CMS’s. I’m definitely going to keep updated here with any progresses made.

    I see that this works for Joomla 1.0.13; CB 1.1; Pligg 9.8.2.

    I’m going to be trying this for Joomla 1.0.15, CB 1.1, and Pligg 9.9. Not sure if it’s been tested yet.

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  10. willin

    Hello? Is there a support forum where to posts some questions? I installed pligg 9.9.5 y Joomla! 1.5.6 and it’s working, but…
    How can I access my plig admin panel, to change languages and other settings… also, if I click the Pligg wrapper link and I’m not logged in Joomla! the page don’t show, I must be logged in to see the pligg site, I checked the parameters of the link and is on public mode ¿?
    Any help? Thanks in advance…
    Regards from Iquique, Chile

  11. boxed Post author

    Hi Willin,

    As of now I can only provide support via this comments.
    To access your pligg admin section directly go to the admin url. It should be something like

    You can also try to login as admin the joomla site and then go to pligg pages. You should see the admin link on the pligg menu and browse through. If you need help let me know.

  12. willin

    Hi… thanks for the answer… It’s stranger, but I have not access in any way to the admin panel… Also there is no admin link in the pligg menu.
    I will to delete all the pligg tables in my joomla db, delete the plugin and delete de pligg folder, and then install it again. Let’s see if this is the problem.

  13. boxed Post author

    If you are using the standard pligg template you should see the admin link in the horizontal menus (that is only after you login as admin). Remember pligg admin could be different than joomla admin. So login as pligg admin. Better yet, create a user in joomla as ‘god'(which is standar pligg admin username) and login and try. if you need help, let me know.

  14. willin

    Hello! Thanks for the answer… Actually i try to install Pligg in local to see how it’s works and found this:
    I installed joomla 1.5.6 by and configured with my admin nickname and password, then I installed pligg 9.9.5 and edit the admin nick “god” and password, to the same in joomla.
    Then I installed the mambot and provided all the database details.
    I went to menu administrator and created a new wrap link and wrapped pligg
    Also I Hide Registration through Pligg.
    But… when I click in the pligg menu link it’s shows me a page that says I must be registered to view the page, but actually I’m loged in and can not see the pligg content.
    Any idea about this? Apreciate your help.

  15. boxed Post author


    Couple of things. First, since you are using J1.5, I hope you are using this JPligger 1.2 instead of the mambot on this page (JPligger 1.0). Next please make sure all the database settings are correct in the plugin (most common cause for it to not work properly).
    Register a new normal user account via Joomla and then browse to wrapper (where pligg is loaded). If that doesnt work, please review the installation steps. If you still face problem let me know.

  16. willin

    Boxed… the pluggin was ok, that wasn’t the problem… I desinstall the pluggin and installed again but in the parameters pluggin “site url” I include only localhost (actually the real url is and in the main menu, pligg link works ok… But….
    I can’t go to the pligg admin panel, inside the wrapp i click on the admin link that should be but I have nothing… a blank wrapped page, any idea?

  17. boxed Post author

    Try accessing the pligg admin url in a new window and see if anything loads up. Make sure to first login as pligg admin via joomla login.

  18. Jack

    Hi, thanks for making this.

    Unfortunately, I cannot get it to work.

    Versions: Pligg 9.9.5 with Joomla 1.5.8 (then tested again with a clean install of Joomla 1.5.7, but no luck there either)

    I have been testing locally (localhost)

    My questions:
    – When you say “install pligg in /”, does that mean it should be inside or outside the joomla folder? My Joomla folder is localhost/liberty and my pligg folder is localhost/pligg. Should my pligg folder be localhost/liberty/pligg?

    – The last plugin parameter says site url. My Joomla site is at localhost/liberty and my pligg site is at localhost/pligg. What should this parameter be?

    [I also posted this comment in the Jpligger 1.2 article]


  19. deee

    I installed the plugin it all went ok registered a user and it automatically signed me into pligg, but it doesn’t log out from pligg once i log out in joomla. After i logout it doesnt log me back in. I dunno why

  20. Shay

    I try it on joomla 1.5.11 + CB 1.2 + pligg 1.0
    Not working well…users not sync and can’t logout from joomla if JPligger is on…
    Any solution?

  21. oggito


    great work. I have a problem though. When I register a new user through joomla and sign in, my categories do not show any more. If I register a user through pligg and sign in the same user through joomla, everything is ok. Please can you give me a clue? Thank u. in advance.

  22. marco


    can you tell me if this plugin is used by Also, can you tell me if you would be available to install the plugin and roughgly what would be the cost?



  23. boxed Post author

    @marco I think is out of the box a pligg site. I dont think it has Joomla in it or atleast Joomla integrated with Pligg. If you are interested in installation please contact me.

  24. Jason

    I’ve installed the plug-in for Joomla! 1.5 and the newest version of Pligg, and I must say it does work very well. But i’m having some problems with the wrapping pligg in a Joomla! wrapper. How do i do the first 3 (1. Link your Pligg in Joomla wrapper
    2. Use on / in Wrapper Link Field
    3. Set width and height to 100%, no scrollbar, yes to auto height.) Steps?

  25. David

    I also cannot access my pligg admin. There is no link in the pligg section.

    I am using Joomla 1.5.9 and this is what I could find for JPligger

    JPligger 1.2

    Am I using the right version and if so what do I need to do to be able to get to the pligg admin side.

  26. Mani

    I have joomla+phpbb and I have installed the pligg & now I have installed this plugin, but when I try to enable it I have seen 2 errors in my forum. When login in forum got this message ( Fatal error: Call to undefined method ezSQL_mysql::sql_query() in /home/user/public_html/forum/includes/session.php on line 569 ) when logout got this message line ( Fatal error: Call to undefined method ezSQL_mysql::sql_query() in /home/user/public_html/forum/includes/session.php on line 869 ) Can someone help me please!:(

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