iPhone App Development Offer!


So I have this crush on my new iPhone… I’ve been discovering new things each day and it goes on impressing me with cooler apps, or features every day.

Like many things I want… I always wanted to create an iPhone/iPod application based on some of my ideas and put it on the App Store. I’ve been reading quite a lot on how to get it done and feel pretty confident about it. The only problem seems to be the hardware… I am more of a PC guy, been with windows my entire life and the iPhone SDK doesnt seem to give a *hit about PC. So the bottom line is, I need to either buy a Mac, or tweak my PC to install OS X and then pray for iPhone SDK to work flawlessly (which doesnt seems to be the case based on my research). The only recommendation I am getting from my friends and associates is to get a Mac…

Thus, I started looking for some new and refurbished options… while refurbished machines are great, I am just not into saving few bucks and getting a used piece. So, I’ve decided to get a new one… and thinking whether to go with a Mini or Book… Since, both seems to serve the purpose, I am kinda tempted to go with the aluminum macbooks…  Now that the expense of buying one is coming down to somewhere around $1700 (yeah, I want a good config machine), I am getting in touch with my clients who were once interested in getting an iPhone application done, to sponsor me for the hardware… what do they get in return? Well, theres a lot in the offering. First, service valued upto $2500 (redeemable once or in multiple phases), secondly, free hosting on my supreme servers for 5 years, finally, a free iPhone app based on their idea (upto $1000)… thats more than $5000 for just a mac book!

Interested in sponsoring me? contact me now before someone else does. Think, its too late? you can still get in touch to see the current exclusive vaked.com offers.

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