I now own a 1-800 number

After months of research and getting to know my needs, I’ve picked up a 1-800 toll free number provider. It took a while and lot of research just to understand my needs. If you’ve gone through my last post on 1-800-number for your company, you would know a little bit about my research and importance of getting a toll free number for the freelance business.For my needs and budget, I’ve gone with Phone.com‘s  Virtual Office 300 plan. With 300 free minutes and some of the great features packed with a true 1-800 number, I felt reasonable to pay $15 a month (with first month free) and no setup charges. Other providers I discusses earlier in my last post came pretty close to phone.com, but phone.com’s quality and informative website won my decision.

I figured, instead of limiting my budget (as I was thinking earlier) in telephony, I would rather get something that will have all the features I need and pay little extra. What I am paying to phone.com is already very reasonable (may not be very cheap) but the list of features and quality service is my current need. Its just been 2 days since I’ve got this connection, I will update this post with a better phone.com’s virtual office plan review.

If you already happen to have a toll free number from phone.com or any other company, it will be great to hear from you on your provider. Do drop a comment.

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