How to get Motivation to work

Sometimes, after a long busy day at office, I don’t feel like working at home. I feel so lazy that I either watch another episode of Family Guy/America Dad/Arrested Development or something like that and just hit the bed. I would even spend couple of hours with my roomies, talking nothing but worthless crap (I know I need to be social too, but its just not my kind of thing right now). Lately I started reading some books on getting ‘motivation to work’ and also implemented few of the techniques that are proving fruitful. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

  • Split the tasks into very small 10 min. tasks that look doable and easy
  • Write down all the best things that would happen If I finish these small tasks early.
  • Make a small plan on how I can tackle difficult problems in an efficient way.
  • Talk to Mom for encouragement (sometimes this takes lot of time!).
  • Realize how happy my client would be if I finish the project way before deadline (or) realize how mad my client would be if I delay the project any further.
  • Go through my goals list to realize that I need more money!
  • Have a coffee or tea to ensure I stay awake and work.
  • Staying focused on those small tasks I created. Avoid blogging!

But unfortunately sometimes, even with all that my laziness overshadows my plans, tasks list, talk with my mom, goals list and everything under the sun. That’s when I feel I am tired and I need a good night sleep 🙂

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