Google Docs – Word for Requirement Gathering

Use Google Docs to prepare requirements and tasks collaboratively with your clients. It was few weeks ago when I first tried to use Google Docs Word as a real collaboration tool. On my very first online interview with a client, instead of simple discussing the project, either on IM or Phone, I invited the client to a new Google Document and we (me and the client) collaboratively worked on creating a proposal. It was fun and very interesting experience. I added few points, the client add few points, we discussed and the end result was very satisfying for both of us. I didn’t realize how advantageous this approach was until I read the book “How I raised from failure to success in selling” by Frank Bettger. He spoke about involving the client while writting down all the features/benefits your service would provide for him/her. That’s when I realized how I was making my clients involve in proposal preparation and how it was turning into a definate sale. I am added Google Docs into the Freelance Tools list as a most important mean for proposal creation (collaboratively).
Try it at your next client interview, I am sure you will be supprised with the results.

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