Freelancers, fire a client today.

I fired a client today. It was difficult. This was my first client I had to let go since years. But I think I took a right decision. Things weren’t so good with us and the project was going beyond what I’ve expected. I did work with the client previously on other projects and I never really enjoyed that experience. I tried hard to look for a win-win situation, bent a lot of rules, but never could find it. It was always loose-win.

Today I feel I have taken the most important step in re-structuring the way I do business and like I said, I feel good about it. I am trying to get rid of some client if:

  • The client doesn’t enjoy working with me but sticks around because either I am skillful or affordable
  • I don’t enjoy working with the client but I am sticking to him because I dont have anything else to do

When it comes to freelancing I think it all comes down to enjoying the work and not stressing yourself out. Stress is ok if you are a new comer to freelancing world. But for an established freelancer, one must always work with clients you enjoy working with.

Time to filter some of my clients 🙂

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