Do you social?

I mean, do you socialize?

Although small sized but most of the clients I’ve got are through referrals. Not client referrals but referrals from my friends and family. You have no idea how I was referred. Once, I spoke to a client who was referred by my very old forgotten friend’s elder brother’s wife. For a long time, I din’t even recognize whom was he talking about.

Well, this post isn’t really about how I got clients being little social, but my new plans of getting more clients being more social (this funda is also called “business networking”). Have you ever been to any local meets? Where people with common interest meet, learn, or share ideas? I dint. But I’ve always wanted to be a part of a usergroup that has small business owner gatherings. Although these were difficult to maintain at old times, new feature rich websites like are helping people like us get access to gatherings of interest. Imagine the possibilities:

  • You introduce yourself to local small business owners as an entrepreneur of web designing
  • You make new friends
  • Friends can become clients
  • Friends can refer to their friends
  • You generate huge referrals.
  • You get more clients than ever before!

Just think about it for a minute. You are not only going to learn from other small business owners but also be able to share, make new friends and clients. Well, if you are asking me, have you ever tried this? My answer would be: No, and if you are asking why? My answer would be: I really dont know, but I’m surely gonna try now!

As I said, meetup is a really cool site. To find small business groups near you, go to, select your city and select category as “work and career”. Select the gathering that best describes your interest. Don’t forget to check their rating and activeness.

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