Deal Closed!

This post is a continuation of last post titled: Meeting a client

Surprisingly the meeting went really good. I was not only able to sell web design services but also convinced the client to go for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I was right on time, and everything went according to the plan. Some of the key takeaways of this visit were as follows:

  • Being on time always shows how professional you are (apart from your wardrobe and presentation)
  • A thank you note right after the visit (on same day) helps in establishing a good relationship from the start. Make the thank you letter smart and casual. If the deal isn’t done yet, thank him/her for the opportunity. Use email or postal mail. View the sample thank you letter.
  • Listen carefully when the client talk. Its never good to use words, “pardon me”, “could you repeat it again” etc.
  • Gesture and let your client know you understand what he is saying. Once he is done talking, adding few more bits to the conversation could confirm your understanding.
  • Be smart, think out of the box and propose a right solution based on their needs. Politely tell them whats wrong with the current model and how your company can help.
  • Be regularly in touch, drop a few emails on the progress (don’t over do it, keep it simple and short).

If you are looking forward to meeting your client for the first time and need some help or you have something to share with us, please drop a comment.

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