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Top 10 Must have iPhone Apps for Freelancers

Apple says there is an app for almost everything in life and that means there are cool apps for freelancers too. Especially to increase freelance or business on the go productivity. Here’s a list of top 10 must have iPhone apps (paid or free) for any freelancer ( designer, developer, writer) from These ratings are taken based on the usefulness to a freelancer and its overall app store ratings.

10. Creative Whack Pack $2.99
What is it? Bunch of creative cards to get you out of that stupid standard thinking pattern. Basically and iPhone version of the infamous Whack Pack.
App store rating: 4/5 rating: 4.5/5
iTunes Link

9. Recorder $0.99
What is it? Use the built in mic in iPhone to record discussions, interviews, and ideas on your iPhone. I sometimes use it to record my podcasts adn then use it with audacity to increase the sound clarity.  The app is pretty neat and does a very good job for 99 cents.
App store rating: 3/5 rating: 4/5
iTunes Link
iLounge Review

8. Paypal (Free)
What is it? A nice and clean iPhone app for Paypal. Although you cant do much with it, its stil useful to quickly send and recieve money.
App store rating: 3/5 rating: 3/5
iTunes Link
Appvee Review

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The right chair gets the job done!

I’ve been using this one chair since years until last week when it started making this weird noise whenever I move. I started to wonder if I became too fat or its just the chair. I made up my mind to think its the chair and decided to get a new one. So I went to office depot and got a nice not so expensive and not so cheap office chair.

Although I loved using the new chair I always felt something incomplete about it. I thought may be I got used to the old one little too much or I am really becoming fat. I used it for a week and I noticed few things. I wasn’t spending as much time as I use to earlier on the desk. I was coming up with reasons to go to starbucks to work.  I was less productive. It’s then I realize that my freaken economical chair isn’t working for me. I took the pain of disassembling the chair and returned it to get a new one. This time I had to up my budget and get a little expensive one out there. Its been just a day since I started using this one, but I really like it.

So, the moral of the story is: Get the right chair if you are serious about working from home. This is the reason why most companies spend millions of dollars on getting best in quality products for their offices. If are on the right chair, you will get the job done!

Web based Freelance Project Management Suite

Ok, so I ran into an old friend of mine who also happens to be in IT industry as a hardcore .Net Programmer. We talked for a while, most of it of our old times and then moved to whats going on in our lives right now. We both were surprised to hear that none of us is actually doing the things we always wanted to do (create a cool app and make lots and lots of money). So we decided to spare sometime off our usual hectic work and work on creating something cool, something to be proud of or something that would make someone’s life little easy 🙂

We both pitched some ideas to each other then finally decided on a simple idea of mine (which I wanted to do since quite a long time) that would save a lot of time and money for new and experienced freelancers. We talked about making a hosted application which will be tailored for Freelancers and freelancers only that will allow them (including me!) to manage, administer and analyze their freelance business. Basically a combination of Project Management tools and custom report generation.

The birth of FPMS (Freelance Project Management Suite)
We started jotting down some features and ideas that we can incorporate into this system, especially for phase 1 of the project. We decided to use .Net as the technical platform (he managed to convince me 🙁 !) and ajax for richer user interface.

The launch date
We already started development of FPMS long time ago and we expect to release beta 1 as an MSI (not hosted) which people can deploy on their servers with ease very soon.

Welcome to the Free world

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