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Naming your website: What’s in a name?

Seriously, I began to wonder, how many startups are now coming up with stupid names that don’t make sense? The answer is almost all. Earlier, naming your company/website was supposed to the most important tasks. The name was supposed to reflect the service you do or the products you sell. While its still the case, but startups are now finding cute, cuddly names more attractive and responsive. Twitter, zoho, hulu, zivity, twine, drobo, smibs, orkut, wallop and many more. This clearly means that name isn’t that important these days. Whats more important is the service/product you provide. Of course that doesnt mean you will name your company achmadinijad

Learn to Sell

Freelancers, its high time. Learn the insights of sales and marketing!

Every wonder why something that you’ve been using to drive sales wont work anymore?  Or why you could never get enough clients/leads? Or why other freelancers get better and more than enough clients? Start your way into sales dude!

Today, in this freaking competitive market, forget about getting a new client, retaining the existing ones have become increasingly difficult. Especially with growing web developers market, keeping yourselves with technology and at the sametime focusing on new marketing trends have become darn too tough (at least for me). Unfortunately theres nothing much you and I can do about it but to keep looking for new ideas to drive sales. Last month, I spent quite a lot of time searching for best possible way to drive sales and to be honest, theres not one proven method. Today, sales knowledge has become a vital expertise for every freelancer. Without it you are just a pony. I know few freelancers are too good at it but I am talking about people who never knew what is sales. So, how do you go about learning this freaking important piece of life?

Buy Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness by Jeffrey Gitomer. I’ve been reading this book when ever I could find time and theres nothing better I’ve read so far that I could relate to my business and strategies. Jeffrey highlights many tools and strategies that every sales guy must practice and be aware of. As a freelancer, reading this book and implementing at least 2 principles is the least one can do. The book is small in size, easy to carry around and has nice little red bits filled with humor. I strongly encourage every freelancer (at least the ones new to sales) in the industry to go and read this book. rates Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness by Jeffrey Gitomer as the most important tool for freelance business!

Why build a Facebook App?


Today while browsing through my fb account, I wonder how powerful and important facebook has become to all of us. It is like Gmail or a Cell Phone that we can’t live without. 2 years ago when fb was becoming increasingly popular, I was smiling on my own and never wanted to believe a social networking site would become so famous. But its true, with continuous innovation and correct use of Web 2.0, fb has proved me and many others like me completely wrong. Anyways, this post isnt about fb’s innovation but about building rich applications for fb. Continue reading

Do you social?

I mean, do you socialize?

Although small sized but most of the clients I’ve got are through referrals. Not client referrals but referrals from my friends and family. You have no idea how I was referred. Once, I spoke to a client who was referred by my very old forgotten friend’s elder brother’s wife. For a long time, I din’t even recognize whom was he talking about.

Well, this post isn’t really about how I got clients being little social, but my new plans of getting more clients being more social (this funda is also called “business networking”). Have you ever been to any local meets? Where people with common interest meet, learn, or share ideas? I dint. But I’ve always wanted to be a part of a usergroup that has small business owner gatherings. Although these were difficult to maintain at old times, new feature rich websites like are helping people like us get access to gatherings of interest. Imagine the possibilities: Continue reading

Meeting a client

For the first time, I would be visiting a client, one hour drive from my place, to understand his requirements and propose a solution. I am a little nervous at the same time excited to learn from this visit. Surely, this will be awesome experience. Until now, I have never been to any of my client’s office to discuss the project. I have only done business online and mostly with clients who stay far away from my city. In fact until now, I hardly considered talking on them phone. Only emails. But as I know, things need to change, I need to go out and win trust in order to get better and happier clients. So how do I prepare myself for the visit? Here it goes… Continue reading