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Best seats in IMAX at AMC Lincoln Center

The IMAX theater at AMC Lincoln Center is one of the best screens to watch any movie that is made for true IMAX format. For a long time I did not realize how different each IMAX screens where in various theaters. When I finally watched a movie at AMC Lincoln Center IMAX, I swore that I will never spend my money on any other IMAX screens.

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Maven Drive Review and $15 OFF

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The review –

So if you haven’t tried any hourly rental service, this might be something new for you to explore.

Maven is an hourly car rental service by Chevrolet. This is my review of maven in NYC. Note that the service might be different in different cities so please bear in mind.

I had the opportunity to try maven last weekend. I’ve been looking forward to using service such as this one for the past one or two years since I sold my car. The key thing here I liked about Maven is that it is provided by the car manufacturer and does not have any membership fees. While Zipcar is pretty popular in New York City I always felt the membership fee was a little bit too high for what I’ll be using in a month.

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It’s all about staying connected.

logmein-ignition-iphoneLogMeIn provides easy access to your computers (with static or dynamic IP) from any other computer using nothing but just a web browser (of course, internet too). I’ve been using LogMeIn’s  free service for a while now and I really enjoy it. Especially when I am at work and need to quickly access my PC either to grab some songs or files, I find this tool really handy. I know there are other services out there but I am so happy with LogMeIn that I never felt a need to try something else.

Recently, LogMeIn came up with an ignition/app for iPhone/iPod that will allow you to do the same as with a computer. It’s currently priced $30 (probably the most expensive app on the AppStore) and its totally worth every penny. If you are a freelancer living a nomad life and own an iPhone or iPod, then I strongly recommend going for this app.

Before I end this quick review, the connection speed when using on WiFi is obviously faster than 3G. But it wont disappoint you. Unless you are living in some deserted area with bad 3G reception. I haven’t had a chance to try it on 2G iPhone.

GTalk badge vs Plugoo Widget

I recently deployed a Gtalk badge and got rid of the buggy plugoobuddy chat window. I am happy to say that, this badge is keeping my status as accurate as it can get. For the first time I was chatting with more than one visitor at the same time. I have no idea whats the problem with plugoo but never use to keep my status accurate.

The only problem with Gtalk badge is it doesnt allow chatting right from the page, but instead you need to click on the badge for a popup chat window. This is ok, but I would like to see a Gtalk badge written in iframe so that my visitors can chat without a popup window.

Anyways, I decided to move to Gtalk badge because I wanted to be able to chat with my website visitors right from Gtalk (thats one and only thing I use) .

Optimized Iphone Theme for WordPress

I installed a cool wordpress iphone theme from that allows this site to open in a very simplified iphone web browser friendly way. The over all load time is less than half and it even automatically detects the client.

Over all a two thumbs up for the plugin+theme!

BlackBerry Curve vs ATT Tilt

BlackBerry Curve vs ATT TiltAfter getting a 1-800 number for my freelance business (btw, I do web development, if you haven’t noticed), I decided to invest on my business’s mobility. I am looking to upgrade my basic AT&T Wireless phone to a better performing PDA/SmartPhone. Since, I can’t change my phone number yet, I have to stick with AT&T and select one of their phone upgrades.

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