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Evil Yahoo charging $35/y for domain name

evil-yahoo.jpgSince Microsoft‘s pull-off from the bid, Yahoo is acting evil. Increasing prices on services and trying to rip its customers. One of the ugliest move came from its Small Business Services. Yahoo is now charging $35/year for domain renewals. The worst thing is you wont even know about it.

Today I got an email from them notifying me of an upcoming renewal of one of my domains. I glanced through it and ignored the content for the first time . Then later I got another email for another domain, but this time I noticed the increased price of domain name renewals they have imposed. I strongly feel that $35/ year is too high for domain names and Yahoo must pull it back to $10.99 else they are to lose my kind of customers who owns 100s of domains and cant afford to pay $35/year for each.

I already started looking for options 1and1 sounds nice but need to research a little bit.