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Trying hard to stay focused… still no help

Since the day I built my new cool desktop with awesome ati graphics I’ve been a victim of “guys who spend 4+ hours a day playing stupid games” disease. Well at least not stupid.

I’ve been trying couple of things to get my head straight and concentrate more on working rather than watching stupid old uk shows like Green Wing or playing games like Fallout 3 and [PROTOTYPE] or reading crap at Engadget/TechCrunch. My latest motivation generator is a simple print out text that tells me what I should be doing… but it’s not working!!! Yet again I spent more than 4 hours playing stupid Prototype. Somebody haalp me 🙁

iPhone App Development Offer!


So I have this crush on my new iPhone… I’ve been discovering new things each day and it goes on impressing me with cooler apps, or features every day.

Like many things I want… I always wanted to create an iPhone/iPod application based on some of my ideas and put it on the App Store. I’ve been reading quite a lot on how to get it done and feel pretty confident about it. The only problem seems to be the hardware… I am more of a PC guy, been with windows my entire life and the iPhone SDK doesnt seem to give a *hit about PC. So the bottom line is, I need to either buy a Mac, or tweak my PC to install OS X and then pray for iPhone SDK to work flawlessly (which doesnt seems to be the case based on my research). The only recommendation I am getting from my friends and associates is to get a Mac…

Thus, I started looking for some new and refurbished options… while refurbished machines are great, I am just not into saving few bucks and getting a used piece. So, I’ve decided to get a new one… and thinking whether to go with a Mini or Book… Since, both seems to serve the purpose, I am kinda tempted to go with the aluminum macbooks…  Now that the expense of buying one is coming down to somewhere around $1700 (yeah, I want a good config machine), I am getting in touch with my clients who were once interested in getting an iPhone application done, to sponsor me for the hardware… what do they get in return? Well, theres a lot in the offering. First, service valued upto $2500 (redeemable once or in multiple phases), secondly, free hosting on my supreme servers for 5 years, finally, a free iPhone app based on their idea (upto $1000)… thats more than $5000 for just a mac book!

Interested in sponsoring me? contact me now before someone else does. Think, its too late? you can still get in touch to see the current exclusive offers.

Now blogging from iPhone

So, I upgraded my wordpress blog and installed iPhone app, and I am now ready to blog from my phone.

I hope I will have no excuse to not blog now.

Update: wordpress app is crashing a lot. I wonder if it’s a known problem.
Update: Problem fixed by itself.. hmmm

Optimized Iphone Theme for WordPress

I installed a cool wordpress iphone theme from that allows this site to open in a very simplified iphone web browser friendly way. The over all load time is less than half and it even automatically detects the client.

Over all a two thumbs up for the plugin+theme!

Ads are now welcome screens?

Would you like to be welcomed by your parents on your visit to them with a brief message on the new Insurance Policy from AIG that can transform your life? Well, imagine this, you walk into your parents place and at the door your dad comes up and the first thing he says; “AIG now offer detailed and personalized risk reports based on your daily habits. Join today and you could also qualify for a $500,000 grand price!…. [pause]….Hey son, come on in.. how are ya?”

That is how I feel when I see ads on my favorite sites. Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wired, AskMen, or whatever.. I dont understand how come ads are now the welcome screens? It annoys me so bad that I just feel like closing the damn window. I know its a great palce to put an ad, great for the company but reall? Do you want to annoy your visitors?

How to get Motivation to work

Sometimes, after a long busy day at office, I don’t feel like working at home. I feel so lazy that I either watch another episode of Family Guy/America Dad/Arrested Development or something like that and just hit the bed. I would even spend couple of hours with my roomies, talking nothing but worthless crap (I know I need to be social too, but its just not my kind of thing right now). Lately I started reading some books on getting ‘motivation to work’ and also implemented few of the techniques that are proving fruitful. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

  • Split the tasks into very small 10 min. tasks that look doable and easy
  • Write down all the best things that would happen If I finish these small tasks early.
  • Make a small plan on how I can tackle difficult problems in an efficient way.
  • Talk to Mom for encouragement (sometimes this takes lot of time!).
  • Realize how happy my client would be if I finish the project way before deadline (or) realize how mad my client would be if I delay the project any further.
  • Go through my goals list to realize that I need more money!
  • Have a coffee or tea to ensure I stay awake and work.
  • Staying focused on those small tasks I created. Avoid blogging!

But unfortunately sometimes, even with all that my laziness overshadows my plans, tasks list, talk with my mom, goals list and everything under the sun. That’s when I feel I am tired and I need a good night sleep 🙂

Ready to rock n’ roll!

Alright I did some customizations and installed few plugins to make it little worthy. Here is a start for my blog. A post on what’s in this site.

Blogging Engine: WordPress
Template: Blog oh Blog 2
Plugins: Akismet, cformsII, WP-Related, AddThis, All-in-one-seo,
Blogger: Boxed (encrypted)

Update: New plugins added:- Google Analytics, Plugoo

Hello world – crushed!

Finally I have decided a name for my new blog. ‘Vaked’ is a not a dictionary word (not so easy to get these days) but its my derived word for ‘boxed’. Vak means ‘box’ in dutch and ‘ed’ is used to describe an action. After months of research on domain names and trying to find the right one that would truly represent this blog, i’ve decided to go with vaked.

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