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Freelance Jobs you can’t miss!

I spent few hours in getting my hands on Drupal for a new idea I had with a site for Freelance Job Feeds. Before I talk about the site, let me tell you, Drupal is a lot different than any other CMSes (especially Joomla). Although I am new to Drupal, going around it was too time taking than I thought. But the modules I used for the purpose of this site were actually a great fit.

Coming back to the site I just made. You can look at it here: FreelanceĀ  Job Postings

The site is totally made in Drupal with major work involving with module Feed Aggregator. The site is built on a simple logic, all freelance job postings under one roof. I got RSS and Atom Feeds linked in to the site to provide real time job postings from sites like, getafreelancer,, getacoder, etc. Over the next few days I plan to spend some more time on design, layouts and better feed integration. Hopefully this site will benefit someone.

Why build a Facebook App?


Today while browsing through my fb account, I wonder how powerful and important facebook has become to all of us. It is like Gmail or a Cell Phone that we can’t live without. 2 years ago when fb was becoming increasingly popular, I was smiling on my own and never wanted to believe a social networking site would become so famous. But its true, with continuous innovation and correct use of Web 2.0, fb has proved me and many others like me completely wrong. Anyways, this post isnt about fb’s innovation but about building rich applications for fb. Continue reading

End Child Labor Website

Well this is not exactly a business idea but something we should all think about.

End Child Labor: A unique way of stopping child labor and educating parents who cant afford to pay school bills. The site will allow people across the globe to donate money which will go to various foundations that are working hard to stop child labor. One of the major cause of child labor is money. Where the poor is unable to pay school bills and education fees of his children. They instead lead the kids to labor in order to make family living.
If a website can collect money from around the world for End-Child-Labor foundations in poor countries, things will be a lot different.
Website Interface: A simple layout displaying how one can help a family educate, end child labor and promote world peace.

Classifieds TV

Video based classified adverts: The next generation classified advertising program where people can upload a video instead of text/photos. The videos can be placed on various categories and flagged by community on appropriate content.

Imagine creigslist with videos instead of text ads. Users can demonstrate the product they are willing to sell and place a better pitch than they could have with normal text based ads. Add appropriate tags to their listing and these tags can be converted to keywords for search engine optimization.

1. Viral marketing: Posters/listers can sign-in to their popular email or social networking sites and email all their friends about the listing right from the site’s interface. Estimate cost: $0
2. SEO: Good optimization can help products get better spotlight and in return more users on the site. Estimate cost: $0 to $10,000

A clean web 2.0 interface and ajax rich website.
Estimate development cost in USA: $40,000 to $80,000
Estimate development cost offshore: $10,000 to $20,000
Estimate development time: 3 to 6 months.

Finally, if you are interested in learning more about the idea or have your own that you’wd like to share. Please add a comment.