Best Open Source eCommerce Script

One of the worst thing I have to deal with in my job is choosing the right eCommerce Open Source eCommerce Script for the project. There are many online store scripts that can do wonders but all are limited either in functionality or flexibility or ease of deployment. I am talking about well known scripts like OsCommerce, Zen-Cart, SugarCommerce, and X-Cart. These scripts offer great features right on, but it can get really messy if you are not good at programming.

On my recent ecommerce project, I had to select the right and the best ecommerce script to fulfill the requirements. I feel pretty comfortable with zen-cart and oscommerce, but I never realized how inflexible they are when it comes to customizations. The themes from templatemonster and many other vendors wont fit right, wont be easy to customize, wont be freaking easy to customize. I mean it.

Anyways, with all my experience with these opensource eCommerce Scripts, I would rank them the following way:

1. osCommerce
2. Zen-Cart
3. X-Cart
4. VirtueMart
5. CubeCart

I will update this post soon explaining the above ranking.

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