AWS CSA Associate – How I prepared

I’ve been working on AWS for quite sometime and figured I might as well get certified. My goal is to get AWS CSA Professional Certification but since the Associate exam is the prerequisite, I started preparing for it first.

Happy to report, I was able to pass the the AWS CSA Associate exam last week with 90% score. While preparing for the exam I ran into couple of blog posts on how to prepare and what to expect for the exam. This is my brief take on it.

Since I was keen on preparing for Professional right from the beginning I decided to start watching the pluralsight series on AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional. Few topics in I quickly realized my shortcomings in understanding AWS, and resorted to watching DevOps Associate course from the same author first.

Once I was done watching the DevOps Associate course, I felt confident to take the exam, and booked the date for next week.

A day later, I decided to test my knowledge by taking a mock test on CSA Associate only to realize how difficult it felt and I scored barely 40%. Panicked and nervous about failing the exam, I started researching on how to prepare. I decided to buy the CSA Associate course from after reading few good things about them online.

For the next few days I spent most of my time re-watching the DevOps Associate course from pluralsight and CSA Associate course from (although I did this at 1.5x speed), going through FAQs of various products and offerings from AWS, and taking as many mock tests as possible.
At the end, I believe I have spent almost 60-70 hours preparing for just the Associate exam. But thankfully it was all worth it. The exam itself was not so bad, considering how much I was prepared for it. There were quite a few questions that were confusing and had to re-evaluate them before submitting multiple times.

On to the Professional one now.

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