Ads are now welcome screens?

Would you like to be welcomed by your parents on your visit to them with a brief message on the new Insurance Policy from AIG that can transform your life? Well, imagine this, you walk into your parents place and at the door your dad comes up and the first thing he says; “AIG now offer detailed and personalized risk reports based on your daily habits. Join today and you could also qualify for a $500,000 grand price!…. [pause]….Hey son, come on in.. how are ya?”

That is how I feel when I see ads on my favorite sites. Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wired, AskMen, or whatever.. I dont understand how come ads are now the welcome screens? It annoys me so bad that I just feel like closing the damn window. I know its a great palce to put an ad, great for the company but reall? Do you want to annoy your visitors?

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